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  • Daniela Jiménez

Healing Architecture: Ogimachi House

Architecture is an integral part of every humans life, now a days its focus is not only directed towards creating light-filled-spaces and using sustainable methods for its construction and daily function, they're also taking into account, very seriously, their clients needs. In this case, the Japanese architecture firm, Tomoaki Uno Architects, focused on creating an architecture that would help heal the mother of one of their clients.

This space was built using mostly cedar and cypress woods, limiting the color palette to neutral and relaxing colors.The house was named Ogimachi House and is located in Nagoya, it was specially designed for a person who needed a private and relaxing space to heal.

To provide the much needed privacy, the architect decided to create a house in which there were no windows on the walls, which is the most common way to fill a house with light and ventilation.

Tomoaki Uno, instead, decided to fill the roof with 37 skylights which provide the person who inhabits it with natural light, also yo ventilate the structure 5 of these skylights open completely to allow fresh air to enter the home. The simple design of this sky-lit dwelling was constructed using wood because the architect wanted to recognize the physical and psychological benefits this material has.

“The choice of materials and finishes was made of natural materials as much as possible, and I aimed for healing architecture in all aspects.” – Tomoaki Uno

The house was constructed using a traditional Japanese technique known as Itakura, it consists on big panels of cedar being brought together without the use of nails. This way, walls, roof and floor appear to be only one piece. To make this happen the construction was done by using a grid-like system in which the interior is thought of as a big open area. All social areas are connected with one another without reducing space, hence eliminating the need for additional walls.

It has an interior stair that will take you to the private areas of the house and a bridge that connects the house with a linear balcony. all of this was specially designed to make the inhabitants life a very comfortable and relaxing experience, eliminating all interruptions of the outside world.

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