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trabajadores de la construcción
Las muestras de pipeteo

Construcolor was established in 1999 having as a main focus the vocation for Research and Development, as well as the capacity to elaborate and implement a Strategic Business Plan. 


The developed and commercialized products under the Construcolor brand are eco-friendly, satisfy quality requirements , easy to use and are offered at the required construction industry price. 


Construcolor has achieved to be a renowned company in Mexico and the United States as a brand that is a synonym for quality and excellent service in the areas where it has presence, managing to successfully compete with world leaders.  


Technological Research & Development, production and commercialization of chemical products that are related to the Construction Industry. 

Satisfy financial and human expectations of partners and employees, as well as with alternative options. 


Sustain business operation in ethical relationships with our suppliers, intermediaries and clients. 


Have a substantial contribution to the enhancement of quality of life and ecology in the markets we participate in.

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